Fuel Services

Need Fuel Calibrations and Verification?

  • Our team at Baytech Fuel Services have a National Measurement Institute service license and are WPCG certified. 
  • We pride ourselves on ensuring all our test measures/provers conform to NMI regulation 13. Our well-trained staff will be calibrating, verifying and providing a service for fuel dispensers (5.1 and 18.1).
  • Our purpose built closed loop test trailer, has 4/210 litre holding tanks to minimise pedestrian traffic across the forecourt. This is to reduce time spent at the bowser. 
  • We also have a 200-litre test measure for high flow diesel calibration. If you think your dispenser is out of calibration you may be giving fuel away.

Don't wait for the monthly inventory report for your results - make a call today and we can test the accuracy of the bowser!


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